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Webinar: Circularity in Transportation

November 22, 2022

Circularity in Transportation

Representatives of three automotive suppliers, Novelis, Pirelli and Cox Automotive, are joined by the Executive Director of The Ray, a proving ground for the transportation infrastructure of the future, for a conversation about the circular economy.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn how aluminum, tires and batteries are being recycled
  • Find out what the challenges of the automotive suppliers are, as the auto industry is shifting toward electrification
  • Learn why using less resources, that last longer, and are more recyclable is an imperative in these times of supply chain volatility, as well as for the overall sustainability of the industry

If you can’t tune in live, please register and we will email you a link to access the webcast recording and resources, available to you on-demand after the live webcast.

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Connect with the Experts

Maureen Kline

Vice President Public Affairs & Sustainability, Pirelli Tire

Stephanie Valdez Streaty

Director of Mobility R&D, COX Automotive

Allie Kelly

Executive Director, The Ray

Jamie Zinser

Vice President, Global Automotive, Novelis